South Florida Lolitas

Join the South Florida Lolitas for a fun and exciting presentation about the history and different styles of lolita followed by a spectacular fashion show! The presentation will not only inform you on the basics of the fashion and showcase a few of the many ways lolita can be worn, but it will also answer some frequently asked questions that many beginners may have. Once everyone has been introduced to the fashion, members of the community will get on stage and showcase their finest frills for all to see in a fashion show! Information for joining the community and starting your very own fashion journey will also be available! Fashion show will be on Saturday.

The South Florida Lolitas are a fashion community located in the South Florida area ranging from Miami to West Palm Beach. Lolita is a Japanese fashion inspired by the Victorian and Rococo eras, focusing on modesty, silhouette, and aesthetic. Participating in frequent meetups, the group gets together while dressed up and attends various events, shows, tea parties, and other gatherings.

The South Florida Lolitas will be appearing Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of Florida Supercon.

The South Florida Lolitas’ schedule will be posted approximately two weeks before the event.


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