Ryu and Sakura Prepare to Rock and Roll with New Street Fighter Update


Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition is charging up with a double dose of gaming goodness, thanks to new Mega Man-themed costumes for Ryu and Sakura!


The DLC outfits, which go live in a few days, turn Ryu into a muscle-bound Mega Man. Meanwhile, Sakura takes on the role of Roll Caskett. The trailer announcing the outfits shows the pair beating up Guts Man and Air Man, respectively, with Energy Tanks in the background. Whether the extra Mega Man decor will be included with the outfits isn’t stated, but we’re kind of hoping so.



The latest wave of costumes will also include a Red Earth-inspired costume for Zangief, a masked wrestler look for the same called “The Gief,” and a bundle of returning robot-themed outfits.


The Mega Man costumes go on sale for $3.99 each starting February 26.


Source: Street Fighter YouTube, PlayStation Lifestyle




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