Nissin and “Attack on Titan” Team up for Mystery Meat Ramen Promotion


“Mystery meat” is generally not considered to be a positive term — but Nissin has embraced the nickname when it comes to the processed pork and soybean cubes in their ramen. And now “nazoniku” is teaming up with Attack on Titan in a new campaign.


The voice actors behind Eren, Armin, and more of the show’s heroes have returned to record new lines for the campaign’s new promotional video. Check out Attack on Nazoniku, in which Cup Noodle and utensils have been seamlessly edited into existing Attack on Titan footage:



The campaign will introduce three new “mystery meat” accented ramen flavors, the first being Smoky Chili Soy Sauce. Two more will be rolling out in the near future, with the next one rumored to be “related to the ocean.”


>> Attack on Nazoniku Product Page

>> Watch Attack on Titan on Crunchyroll

Source: Ota-Suke




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