Lupin III Expounds upon the Charms of the Ladies of Ocean’s 8


There are three things legendary thief Lupin III likes more than anything: exciting heists, loud jackets, and smart, beautiful women. So it’s no wonder he’s been called in to give his take on the stars of heist spinoff Ocean’s 8.

The film, which debuted in the US in June, is making its way to Japanese theaters tomorrow. In honor of the occasion, voice actor Kanichi Kurita has narranted a preview of the film. Kurita has been playing the role of Lupin III since 1995, when he took over the role from the late Yasuo Yamada in Farewell to Nostradamus.

Kurita’s narration describes the “beauties” of Ocean’s 8 as a “criminal dream team”… though, in typical Lupin fashion, it seems he just can’t keep his mind off Fujiko Mine. He also teases the plot of the film along the way.


Ocean’s 8 opens in Japan tomorrow.


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Source: Anime! Anime!




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