Kemono Friends Director Tatsuki’s Original TV Anime Kemurikusa Slated for January 2019

Six months after the initial announcement, Kemono Friends director Tatsuki‘s original TV anime Kemurikusa finally has its official website and Twitter account, revealing a teaser visual of its main character Rin. The TV anime is based on his independent short anime of the same name produced as the fourth title of his doujin anime circle irodori in 2010-2012.


The site announces that the TV anime Kemurikusa is set to premiere on BS Fuji in January 2019 and will be streamed exclusively on Amazon Prime Video. 


Main staff:

  • Director: Tatsuki 
  • Production: Yaoyorozu 
  • Animation director: Yoshihisa Isa (Kemono Friends animation director) 
  • Art director: Yuko Shiramizu (Kemono Friends art director) 
  • Anime producer: Yoshitada Fukuhara (Kemono Friends anime producer) 
  • Art design: Tatsuki
  • Character design/Modeling: irodori 
  • Anime production: Yaoyorozu 
  • Procution: Yaoyorozu Kemurikusa Project




The original Kemurikusa anime is available in two parts on irodori’s official YouTube channel.


Part 1


Part 2



Its DVD was released in November 2012.



Source: TV anime “Kemurikusa” official website/Twitter


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