Cinema Purgatorio #2 – New in April Previews

Avatar Press is proud to present the next issue of Alan Moore’s visionary anthology Cinema Purgatorio #2 in the April Previews in stores now.  This issue is scheduled for shipping in June and includes the same incredible list of contributors: … Continue reading

New In Previews – Max Bemis Delivers A Crossed Love Story

Singer and songwriter of the popular band Say Anything, Max Bemis, has been delivering some of the freshest and most poignant comics being published.  From his work on Evil Empire to Polarity, Bemis has created powerful tales that have become instant … Continue reading

New in March Previews – God is Dead Vol 5 TP

Mike Costa’s unbelievable ongoing story of divine wrath begins to draw all of its myriad strings together for what is the culmination of centuries worth of god wars on Earth.  The war ravaged planet has  endured more than anyone could … Continue reading

Crossed +100 #2 New in Previews

Fans picking up the new issue of the Previews catalog from their local comic shop were treated to another month worth of the best cutting edge horror being published. ?Alan Moore continues his groundbreaking run on the future of Garth … Continue reading

New in February Previews – Uber Year 2 Begins

Avatar Press is proud to present the second year of Kieron Gillen’s radical reinvention of the super solider comic book, Uber, with Uber #12.  Illustrating this pivotal new arc is Ferals artist Gabriel Andrade, whose visceral work bringing Dale Chesnutt … Continue reading