Summer Reading Gravel

As most of the east coast attempts to survive a brutal heat wave that is breaking records every day, we at Avatar Press continue our summer reading list to help you cool off in the heat of this August. Today … Continue reading

Diving Into Gravel Combat Magician

Warren Ellis created an unforgettable character in the form of William Gravel.  This tough as nails soldier also happens to be a powerful combat magician.  The series is both incredibly bloody and has exceptional supernatural horror making a one of … Continue reading

Best of Avatar Press Horror Sale

Do you love horror?  Avatar Press is steeped in the tradition of embracing the frightening and delivering some of the most spine chilling tales in all of comics.  For fans that have waited for the right time to step into … Continue reading

Gravel Tackles New Horrors

William Gravel has lived a hard life and its made him into a man with stone in his blood.  Now the old soldier is being called back into action to deal with a rogue combat magician and monsters in the … Continue reading

Avatar Press New in Comic Shops 4/23/14

New Avatar Press new titles in comic shops Wednesday 4/23/14: Crossed 2014 Annual PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:  Crossed scribe SIMON SPURRIER  teams up with artist RAFAEL ORTIZ to unleash this vile tale of misery and mischief in the all-new over-sized Crossed 2014 … Continue reading

Warren Ellis Digital Sale

Warren Ellis, the master scribe behind some of the biggest comics and graphic novels of the past twenty years, has a massive library of titles from Avatar Press.  This week, in celebration of the innovation and creativity of his comics, … Continue reading

Avatar Press on ComiXology 12/31/13

The following Avatar Press comics are new to ComiXology on Tuesday 12/31/13: Caligula: Heart of Rome #1-6 PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:  Caligula returns for an all-new series by the original creative team! David (Stray Bullets) Lapham and painter German Noble return to … Continue reading

Avatar on ComiXology 12/18/13

The following Avatar Press comics are new to ComiXology on Wednesday 12/18/13: Same Day As Print: Crossed: Badlands #43 PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:  The end of the “Gore Angels” story arc is one of the most devastating final chapters of Crossed ever … Continue reading

Decapitated Dan Goes Deep Into Gravel

Gravel: Combat Magician returns in Previews this month with a new #0 issue that marks the return to that old black magic in January.  Warren Ellis and Mike Wolfer created the character in 2001 and have since taken the resident … Continue reading

Avatar on ComiXology 11/20/13

The following comics are new to ComiXology on Wednesday 11/20/13: Same Day As Print: Night of the Living Dead: Aftermath #12 PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:   The end is here as DAVID HINE tells the final bloody chapter in the Night of the Living … Continue reading

A Return To Black Magic – Gravel Combat Magician #0

Fans demanded it and Avatar delivers!  One of Avatar’s longest running series returns with an all new series this January and the creator whose fingerprints are all over William Gravel’s adventures returns to a world of violence and black magic. … Continue reading

Wolfer Channels Gravel

There are few indie characters that have had the same longevity that Warren Eills’ Gravel has had.  The series introduced William Gravel – combat magician and hardcore soldier into a world of dark magics and violence.  And from the beginning, … Continue reading