Bleeding Cool’s Top 100 Power List Revealed

Bleeding Cool Magazine #13 is in stores this week and it reveals the annual Top 100 Power List as detailed by Rich Johnston.  The list has become a yearly must read feature which attempts to quantify the power of comic book … Continue reading

Avatar Press New to Comic Shops 7/23/14

The following item is new to comic book shops on Wednesday 7/23/14: Bleeding Cool Magazine #11 PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:  If you aren’t reading Bleeding Cool Magazine, you are missing out on the best insider comic collecting magazine being published.  Summer time … Continue reading

Bleeding Cool Magazine #10 On Sale

Bleeding Cool Magazine #10, the Sci-Fi Spectacular issue, is in stores now featuring an awesome Dark Horse Alien / Prometheus cover!  Fans of science fiction will enjoy an issue dedicated to covering the best and brightest of the genre in … Continue reading

Celebrate Free Comic Book Day This Saturday 5/3!

This Saturday, May 3rd fans everywhere will celebrate the comic industry’s annual party.  Comic book shops worldwide will open their doors to new readers with a wide selection of comics that are free to sample and introduce you to new … Continue reading

Avatar Press New in Comic Shops 4/2/14

New Avatar Press new titles in comic shops Wednesday 4/2/14: Caliban #1 PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:  Master storyteller GARTH ENNIS and Fashion Beast artist FACUNDO PERCIO team up to deliver a haunting new epic of science fiction horror.  The crew of the … Continue reading

Uber #1/2 Free With Bleeding Cool Magazine #8

New in comic shops today is Bleeding Cool Magazine #8 which features a host of articles and info you can’t get anywhere else but in the printed pages of the publication.  With features that are exclusive to print and not … Continue reading

Avatar Press New In Comic Shops 2/5/14

New Avatar Press comics in stores Wednesday 2/5/14: God is Dead #6 PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: The battle of the gods is over and one stands supreme above all of the world.  This is truly the end of days…until the gods of … Continue reading

Uber #1/2 Exclusive in Bleeding Cool Magazine #8

Fans have called Kieron Gillen and Caanan White’s Uber the best new series of 2013.  Its mix of brutal war violence and horrific escalation to the events of World War II has struck a chord with fans of the altered … Continue reading

Avatar Nominated for Retailer Gem Awards

Every year Diamond Comic Distributors issues the list of publishers, products, and creators that have been nominated for the Gem Awards.  These comic industry nominations are based on the best selling items of the previous year and are presented to … Continue reading

Avatar New In Comic Shops 11/27/13

New Avatar Press books in comic shops this week on Wednesday 11/27/13: Bleeding Cool Magazine #7 PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:  The greatest issue yet is only $1.99 cover price.  Bleeding Cool Magazine returns for its yearly, and most controversial feature – the Top … Continue reading

Wolfer Channels Gravel

There are few indie characters that have had the same longevity that Warren Eills’ Gravel has had.  The series introduced William Gravel – combat magician and hardcore soldier into a world of dark magics and violence.  And from the beginning, … Continue reading

Are You Missing Out On Bleeding Cool Magazine?

A comics magazine in the internet age – that’s a tough sell, right?  Maybe if you are peddling it as a news magazine, that would be true.  But Bleeding Cool Magazine isn’t focused on breaking news, instead it provides over … Continue reading

Avatar In Comic Shops 9/25/13

New in comic shops this week from Avatar Press: Bleeding Cool Magazine #6 PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:  Bleeding Cool Magazine talks to some of the most recognizable COSPLAYERS in the field with a revealing interview and exclusive costume pictorial!  RICH JOHNSTON delivers … Continue reading