Saint Seiya Spin-Off Anime Saintia Shō Announces December 2018 Premiere, Four Main VAs

Toei Animation works on anime production

The official website for the upcoming anime adaptation of Chimaki Kuori’s Saint Seiya: Saintia Shō manga opens today, announcing its December 2018 premiere on ANIMAX on PlayStation and four main voice cast: Aina Suzuki as Shoko/Equuleus Sho, M.A.O as Kyoko/Equuleus Kyoko, Inori Minase as Saori Kido, and Megumi Nakajima as Mii/Dolphin Mii. Hit the jump for more information.

City Hunter TV Anime 1st Season Gets HD Remastered Blu-Ray Box Release

All-new feature film also hits Japanese theaters February 8, 2019

Aniplex announced today that a seven-disc HD-remastered Blu-ray box set of the first season of the City Hunter TV anime based on Tsukasa Hojo’s action comedy manga series is set to be released at 50,000 yen (about 452 US dollars) on January 30, 2019. The Sunrise-animated first season was aired for 51 episodes in Japan from April 1987 to March 1988. Hit the jump for more details.

Our weekly Seven Seas Newsletter is out! Read it online here and…

Our weekly Seven Seas Newsletter is out! Read it online here and click SUBSCRIBE (upper left) if you want these in your inbox every week.

Romance of the Reptile Kingdom: The Lizard Love Story of Overlord Explained

Sometimes an isekai light novel to anime adaptation needs a little help from its scaly friends…

Overlord is supposed to be an “isekai” story about a nerdy salaryman taking on the persona of an all-powerful undead ruler when he ends up trapped in a fantasy world resembling his favorite MMORPG, so why exactly did the second season dedicate some five episodes to the struggles of a lowly tribe of Lizard Men? Why indeed? Hit the jump to join us as we examine the narrative reasons behind this scaly diversion.

sevenseasentertainment: It’s time, folks. We have a very…

It’s time, folks. We have a very special, brand-new LGBT+ license announcement to make in honor of #Pride! But first, we wanted to thank all of you out there for reading our LGBT+ books: buying them from stores, buying them on…

Valiant Previews: BRITANNIA: LOST EAGLES OF ROME #2 | QUANTUM AND WOODY! #9 | SHADOWMAN #6 – On Sale August 22nd!

BRITANNIA: LOST EAGLES OF ROME #2 (of 4)  Written by PETER MILLIGAN Art by ROBERT GILL Colors by JOSÉ VILLARRUBIA Letters by DAVE SHARPE Cover A by CARY NORD Cover B by SIJA HONG Variant Cover by KANO Three Roman legions lay slaughtered, and, with them, a cache of Rome’s most prized possessions has disappeared… […]

Which Isekai is the Deadliest?

The answer may surprise you!

Isekai are terrifying worlds populated by mighty magic and terrifying monsters, but which poses the greatest threat? In an all-out battle of the multipvers, who would actually emerge victorious? I’ve watched a lot of isekai anime during my precious time in this world and believe I have discovered the truth. Hit the jump to find out which world is the mightiest!

Gotham Gazette: Keeping Up with the Bat-Family

Gotham Gazette: Keeping Up with the Bat-Family

In terms of sheer superhero population density, you’d be hard pressed to find a busier placer in the DC Universe than Gotham City.

Read more

New Clip from Masaaki Yuasa’s The Night is Short, Walk on Girl Debuts

U.S. theatrical premiere scheduled for August 22

The U.S. theatrical screenings of Masaaki Yuasa’s The Night is Short, Walk on Girl anime film are right around the corner. Tickets are available from GKIDS now ahead of the August 22 premiere, and you can see a new clip from the feature after the jump.

Free Preview: Defeating the Demon Lord’s a Cinch (If You’ve Got a Ringer)

What could go wrong when taking down the formidable Demon Lord? Well, just about everything when you’re equipped with a rookie team! If you’re a fan of Konosuba, or Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon, check out our free preview of new humorous series Defeating the Demon Lord’s a… Read More…



激戦の地は火星から地球、そして日本へ。母国を守るため戦士達は立ち上がる!!『テラフォーマーズ』待望の新刊21巻の配信を記念して、冒頭の1-10巻やスピンオフ作品『テラフォーマーズ外伝 アシモフ』『今日のテラフォーマーズはお休みです。』などが無料で読める!

◆【最新刊+1-10巻無料】テラフォーマーズ 21

「全く見た事のないものと出会う時、人間は人間ではいられない。」 テラフォーマーに侵食される日本! 母国の…

Cooking With Anime: Soma’s Duck Yakisoba

Is this revolutionary dish really better than an authentic soba meal?

Soma snatches the cooking game AGAIN with this revolutionary dish. Combining the forces of pan-fried noodles with the delicate and beautiful soba noodle- is it really such a hit? Hit the jump to find out how to make it for yourself!

Check Out the Non-Credit OP for How Not to Summon a Demon Lord (NSFW-ish)

Adaptation of harem fantasy light novel series is currently broadcasting in Japan and streaming on Crunchyroll

Avex Pictures has published a non-credit version of the opening animation for How Not to Summon a Demon Lord, a TV anime based on the harem fantasy light novel series written by Yukiya Murasaki and illustrated by Takahiro Tsurusaki about a nerdy gamer who takes on the role of a dark overlord when summoned to a magical world. Hit the jump to check it out.

Tonikaku Cawaii Celebrates Manga Volume Two with Teaser Video

Voice unit Earphones handles the narration for promo hyping up the latest work from author Kenjiro Hata

Tonikaku Cawaii, the latest manga from author Kenjiro Hata (Hayate the Combat Butler), is celebrating the Japanese release of its second volume with a special teaser video featuring the voice talents of Earphones, a vocal unit composed of Marika Kouno, Rie Takahashi, and Yuki Nagaku. Hit the jump to check it out.

My Hero Academia Game Shows Off Modes in Latest Gameplay Videos

See Story Mode, Mission Mode, Character Customization, and Free Battle

The latest My Hero One’s Justice previews out of V-Jump are all about the brawler’s various modes, from the Story Mode that hits familiar beats to Free Battle. Let’s start with the Story Mode footage, which tackles the battle between Tenya Iida and the notorious hero killer Stain. Hit the jump to watch!


横浜美術館「モネ それからの100年」を巡ろう【ニコ美】
横浜美術館「モネ それからの100年」を巡ろう【ニコ美】
横浜美術館で開催中の展覧会「モネ それからの100年」の会場から

福山雅治 生出演 BROS.TV 8月号 SP を放送

8月26日(日)21時より福山雅治 生出演!


福山雅治 生出演「BROS.TV 8月号 NHK高校野球テーマソング「甲子園」発売直前SP」

8月26日(日) 21時からの、インターネット配信番組『BROS.TV

Mari Okada’s Maquia Anime Film Lines Up English Cast and Dub Trailer

Feature to return to U.S. theaters on September 21

Whether you got a chance to see it or not, Mari Okada’s stunning directorial debut is coming back to theaters next month. Read on for more about Maquia: When the Promised Flower Blooms‘ new English dub after the jump.


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