Zenescope Entertainment

Zenescope Entertainment is one of the most recognized independent comic book and graphic novel publishers in the world. Founded by Joe Brusha and Ralph Tedesco in 2005, Zenescope has amassed a library of titles such as Grimm Fairy Tales, Grimm Fairy Tales Myths & Legends, Charmed, Return to Wonderland, Escape From Wonderland, Beyond Wonderland, Tales From Wonderland, Alice in Wonderland, Wonderland, Robyn Hood, Final Destination, Fly, Sleepy Hollow, The Jungle Book, Sinbad, Irresistible, Monster Hunter’s Survival Guide, Neverland, Salem’s Daughter, Se7en, The Piper, and The Waking.

Zenescope publishes and develops both original and licensed material and has worked with dozens of clients that include Discovery Channel, History Channel, CBS, Lionsgate TV, Mandalay Vision, New Line Cinema, Titmouse Studios and many others.

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