Zelda vs. Zelda: “Breath of the Wild” Live Stream Raises $5k for Mental Health Charity


Comedian Robin Williams and his daughter Zelda, beside being two geek peas in a pod, have been huge promoters of recent Legend of Zelda games. And it’s not surprising — Williams made no secret of the fact that he named Zelda after the Nintendo princess!


In her father’s absence, Zelda has not slowed her support for the games… rather, she has turned it into a chance to bring attention and help to those battling with mental illness. Most recently, she got together with her friends at LVLUp Dojo to do a live stream of Breath of the Wild via Twitch. Donations were open during the stream to help raise money for the Brain & Behaviour Research Foundation.


In the end, Zelda and company raised more than $5k for BBR:


She’s also announced her intention to continue doing charity live streams in future.



If you missed the live stream, you can watch it here


Zelda will also be recognizable in the fan community as the voice of Kuvira in Avatar: The Legend of Korra and Mona Lisa in Nickeloden’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. She will next be appearing in the horror anthology series Dark/Web.

Source: Zelda Informer




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