ZAQ’s 2nd Album Title Song “NO RULE MY RULE” Previewed in Video

The official website for 28-year-old Japanese singer-songwriter ZAQ today released two jacket photos for her upcoming 2nd album “NO RULE MY RULE” to be released on July 13 and a short version music video for its title song. Her 1st album “NOISY Lab.” was released on April 16, 2014, ranking a very good 8th in the Oricon weekly album chart.


The 12-song 2nd album includes:


 6th single “OVERDRIVER” (Rail Wars! ED/August 20, 2014 release)

 7th single “Seven Doors” (Trinity Seven OP/November 19, 2014)

 8th single “Philosophy of Dear World” (Maria the Virgin Witch OP/January 21, 2015)

 9th single “Katararezutomo” (Concrete Revolutio OP/October 21, 2015)

 10th single “hopeness” (Pandora in the Crimson Shell: Ghost Urn OP/February 3, 2016)

 11th single “Wareru Doukoku” (Concrete Revolutio THE LAST SONG OP/April 27, 2016)


ZAQ’s “NO RULE MY RULE” tour schedule:


 September 17: Nagoya BOTTOM LINE (Aichi)

 September 18: Umeda CLUB QUATTRO (Osaka)

 Septemnber 22: Sendai Rensa (Niyagi)

 October 2: DRUM Be-1 (Fukuoka)

 October 22: Sinkiba STUDIO COAST (Tokyo)





Limited edition CD jacket


Regular edition

ZAQ's 2nd Album Title Song


Latest artist photo

ZAQ's 2nd Album Title Song




6th single “OVERDRIVER”



7th single “Seven Doors”



8th single “Philosophy of Dear World”



9th single “Katararezutomo”



10th single “hopeness”



11th single “Wareru Doukoku”



Source: ZAQ official website