Yukari Tamura Joins the Ever-Growing Cast of “Seiren”

The cast of the upcoming antholgy series Seiren seems to be growing by the week. Now, a few weeks out from the premiere, voice actress Yukari Tamura (title role in Lyrical Nanoha, Tenten in Naruto) has joined the cast as the homeroom teacher for the Class 2-B — protagonist Shoichi’s class.



Masami Onigata is a kind, overly optimistic English teacher who loves cooking and retail therapy.


She’ll be appearing with the rest of the cast in less than a month, when Seiren airs its first episode on January 5, 2017. There will also be a special online radio show every Monday featuring members of the cast.


Seiren is a new anime series from the people behind Amagami SS, featuring a variety of heroines with their own storylines surrounding main character Shoichi. 


Source: MoCa-News




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