You’ll Miss “Gurren Lagann” More Than Ever With Introduction Of Nia – Wedding Version Statue

Myethos has shown that there is still time left in the month for another June bride with the launch of pre-orders for their Milestone limited release of a Gurren Lagann – Nia Teppelin wedding version statue. The 1/8th scale, 26cm with base figure sell for 12,744yen, with shipping planned for January. 



“I love you, Simon…”
The peace is back, but Nia, who is just a virtual life form created by the Anti-Spirals, cannot exist in this world anymore.
After she and Simon confess their love for each other during their wedding, she fades away with a smile. Her ring is left by her tomb, filled with flowers.
The heroine Nia Teppelin from the still popular masterpiece “Gurren Lagann” is turned into a figure! She is portrayed wearing her wedding dress as in the touching scene from the anime.
Her voluminous dress and pure white veil, her beautiful but sad smile make her the most beautiful bride in the universe. Enjoy her by your side!


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