Yosei Teikoku’s New CD Will Make You Believe in Fairies

You don’t need to clap to bring this fairy back to life — Yousei Teikoku, led by vocalist Yui, is back with a new CD, just in time for the band’s upcoming US appearance.



The band, which has contributed to numerous anime and video game soundtracks including Mai-HiME and Tokyo ESP, was founded by Yui (the self-professed Empress of the Fairy Empire) and guitarist Takaha Tachibana 20 years ago, purportedly to restore purity to the hearts of humans to save Yui’s empire. The band’s style merges hard rock, classical, metal, and techno.


The track list for their new CD, flamma idola, contains:


1. flamma idola

2. Birodo Papilio

3. Naikan Uchu Shisha no Yurikago

4. flamma idola (Instrumental)

5. Birodo Papilio (Instrumental)

6. Naikan Uchu Shisha no Yurikago


The announcement comes just in time for the band’s upcoming appearance in Washington, D.C. They will be appearing alongside JAM Project, T.M. Revolution, and FLOW at Otakon 2017’s Anisong World Matsuri.


Yousei Teikoku’s previous albums are available in the U.S. via iTunes.


Source: RESONANCE Media




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