Yo-Kai Watch Adds Shun Oguri, Chiemi Blouson to Cast


Two new yokai have received their voices for the upcoming Yo-Kai Watch film, giving the fifth anniversary movie a dose of star power.


Actor Shun Oguri and comedian Chiemi Blouson have been brought on to play Shien and Tamamo-no-Mae, who will both be making their first appearance in Yo-Kai Watch: FOREVER FRIENDS. The film, set in the 1960s, features primarily new humans and yokai.


Yo-Kai Watch Adds Shun Oguri, Chiemi Blouson to Cast


Shien, a yokai who is a candidate to become the next Great King Enma, will be voiced by Shun Oguri. Oguri is notable for playing Gintoki in both live-action Gintama films, as well as the title character in the 2014 live-action Lupin III.

Oguri calls Shien a “cool” villain that both children and adults can enjoy.

Yo-Kai Watch Adds Shun Oguri, Chiemi Blouson to Cast

Tamamo-no-Mae, named for the famous fox spirit, is a yokai who eats human souls. She will be voiced by Chiemi Blouson, a comedian whose rise to popularity last year won her a Yahoo! Japan Search Award.


Blouson calls Tamamo-no-Mae elegant, and has also informed fans that the proper number of times to watch this film is 35.


Yo-Kai Watch: FOREVER FRIENDS premieres in Japan on December 14.


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