XFLAG Studio Works on Original Web Anime “Sorcery in the Bigcity” Set in NY

XFLAG Studio (Monster Strike, MSonic!) has confirmed that it is now working on a new original web anime Sorcery in the Bigcity. The story is set in New York this time, and monsters rampage powerfully in the streets of NYC!



XFLAG Studio has provided the internationally popular mobile game Monster Strike, along with its web

anime adaptation and a spin-off anime series MSonic!.The anime series had been viewed over 200 million

times worldwide by June of this years since its launch in October 2015. More original anime can be expected

from the highly accalimed studio in near future.



“Sorcery in the Bigcity” story synopsis:


It’s the Christmas season, and Akari Kido is back in New York with her favorite teddy bear, Apple, for the first

time in 15 years. Akari returns to take part in an officer exchange program with the NYPD, where her father

once served in the line of duty, but it doesn’t take long for her to run into a tricky sorceress named Liberty.

When Liberty’s magic creates havoc on the street, a teddy bear with a familiar-sounding voice comes to Akari’s

rescue. It’s Apple! But Apple’s mysterious reappearance only raises further questions. Who is Apple, really?

What is Liberty doing here? And can Akari truly save Christmas?








The theme song “Wishing” is performed by the Wicked Pistols, a three-member unit appeared in MSonic! It is

a medium ballad tune sung with the beautiful voice of Lucifer (CV: Yoko Hikasa).