Witness the Effects of Terrigenesis in this Inhuman Guide

Inhuman Guide

In the wake of last year’s Infinity event, the formerly secluded Inhumans have seen their ranks expand rapidly all across the globe. Normal humans from all walks of life have discovered the super powered potential written into their genetic code thanks to the evolutionary magic of the Terrigen Mists. The effects of this dramatic change will be chronicled in INHUMAN, the new ongoing series by Charles Soule and Joe Madureira that kicks off this Wednesday! To prepare everyone for the next stage of Marvel’s evolution, here’s a quick rundown of all things Inhuman.

As bona fide creations of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, the Inhumans made their big debut way back in 1965’s FANTASTIC FOUR #45. The super powered society secluded themselves in Attilan – a mobile kingdom that planted roots in exotic locations like the Himalayas and the Blue Area of the Moon. The Inhumans evolved over millions of years from their ancestors – primitive human beings that had been experimented on by a highly advanced race of aliens called the Kree.

Approximately 25,000 years ago, the Inhuman geneticist known as Randac discovered and subjected himself to the mysterious Terrigen Mist. The experiment gave Randac considerable mental powers, thus kicking off the tradition of using exposure to the mists to grant Inhumans special abilities.

Following the decimation of the mutant race, Quicksilver sought to restore the de-powered mutants’ abilities by subjecting them to Terrigenesis. Quicksilver gained the ability to travel through time, which replaced the super speed power he had prior to M-Day. However, these artificially created powers did not hold with the mutant test subjects.

During Thanos‘ quest to murder his sole remaining offspring, the half-Inhuman known as Thane, members of the Inhuman Royal Family made the tough decision to destroy Attilan rather than let the mad Titan use the city’s information to find his child. The resulting explosion activated the Terrigensis Bomb, unleashing the Terrigen Mists all over the planet. Any human being with even a trace of Inhuman DNA would now gain special abilities.

A 21-year-old dancer from New York City named Ren Kimura became one of the first humans to undergo Terrigenesis. After emerging from her Inhuman cocoon, Ren possessed the ability to project razor sharp ribbons from her finger tips. The new Inhuman fought alongside the Fearless Defenders during the fallout from Thanos’ invasion.

When the mist hit Jersey City, teenager Kamala Khan found herself unexpectedly wrapped up in a transformative cocoon as well. This super hero-loving high schooler emerged bearing a strong resemblance to Carol Danvers in her Ms. Marvel persona. Her change in appearance proved to be a result of her new shape-changing abilities, abilities that allowed her to save a classmate from drowning.

To find out who the Terrigen Mists select next, check out INHUMAN #1 on sale this Wednesday!