With Great Power Comes A New Amazing Spider-Man 2 Statue

Life-Size Amazing Spider-Man 2 Statue

On May 2, 2014 Peter Parker returns to theaters everywhere to fight an onslaught of new Oscorp-bred supervillains, including Elektro, Green Goblin and Rhino in “Amazing Spider-Man 2.” Now, Section 9 is proud to bring its latest high end collectible from the screen to your home:  The immensely popular character — in his newly designed suit — can now be yours in form of this incredible, life-like and life-size display statue. 

We spoke with Stephan Lokotsch, CEO of Section 9 Entertainment, US distributor of the life-size Amazing Spider-Man 2 statue about the design of the statue, the pose and much more!

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Marvel.com: What are the dimensions of this Spider-Man with and without the base?

Stephan Lokotsch: Spidey comes in at 96” with base and 63” without.

Marvel.com: This is a super dynamic and iconic pose for Spider-Man. Was there a lot of discussion about how he should be placed this time around? 

Stephan Lokotsch: Not really. Having produced several versions of the character for both the previous films as well as the comic-based iterations, the goal of Studio Oxmox and Muckle Mannequins was to really set this one apart from anything that came before it. Marc’s (Webb) concept was to show Spider-Man in a typical pose that emphasizes one of Spider-Man’s unique abilities, like a spider on a wall, as seen from above.

Marvel.com: Was it tricky designing a base that would not only look good, but also support the figure’s weight?

Stephan Lokotsch: Everything represents somewhat of a challenge when tackling these statues, as the functionality always has to be matched by the visual end result, but because Studio Oxmox has designed so many different displays over time they were up to the challenge and Muckle Mannequins agreed to take the new direction and went for it. Getting the intricate texture right was a whole other beast but we hope the picture will be proof that, in the end, they managed to land where we set out to land.

Marvel.com: This version of Spider-Man can actually be placed on the wall without the base. How was it figuring out those mechanics?

Stephan Lokotsch: I think Studio Oxmox and Muckle Mannequins found the perfect solution for both versions. It all comes down to safety and functionality. In the end, the product has to be consumer friendly. Either way, whether the installation is done using the base or the wall mount, it has to be easy and safe to do and, equally important, it has to look good in the end.

Marvel.com: You’ve done movie and comic based Spider-Man pieces in the past. Was this one kind of a synthesis of the two since it’s still movie based, but resembles the comic costume more?

Stephan Lokotsch: Only in so far that Marc Webb (the Director) and his design team seemed to have made a deliberate choice for this new suit to end up there themselves. Studio Oxmox and Muckle Mannequins really did not take any design liberties of their own, as the goal was always to duplicate the look of the new film version as accurately as possible. That said, I think your observation that it does end up offering a hybrid of the two, both the familiar comic book look (leaning towards “Ultimate Spider-Man”) and a fresh cinematic version — complete with a more elaborate texture than we’re used to in comics — is spot on.

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