Wish Angela A Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Angela

It takes a lot to confound the citizens of the Marvel Universe, and very few heroes have done as good a job of that as Angela. She doesn’t appear on any records and she’s the only member of her species in existence, which makes sense considering the circumstances under which the warrior-born made her way to our universe!

Angela first appeared in the Marvel Universe last year in AGE OF ULTRON #10. Thanks to a broken time stream – broken because of the super heroes’ continued abuse – Angela made the jump into our dimension.

Riding a giant monster’s head, the fierce fighter came into contact with the Guardians of the Galaxy.

This close encounter proved to be unlike any the ragtag band of heroes had ever encountered. Their computers could not identify Angela – a being a few dimensions removed from our own. Naturally, the Guardians assumed the worst.

The Guardians’ warrior woman in residence, Gamora, jumped into action against the perceived threat.

The battle quickly escalated in the next issue, as every one of Gamora’s teammates jumped into the fray. The fracas played out under the Watcher’s fearful gaze.

Only the team’s combined efforts could contain Angela’s overwhelming power. The Watcher then clued the team into their new redheaded captive’s mysterious origin.

The renegade heroes placed Angela in a force field and began to ask her questions and annoy her with pop culture references – sometimes you just can’t stop Peter Quill from being Peter Quill.

Angela opened up about her origin, revealing herself to be a warrior angel from the dimension called Heven.

She recognized Earth after landing in our dimension, and only sought it out because she wanted to see the myths of her childhood come to life. She bore no ill will towards Earth, its inhabitants, or even her captors. Quill set Angela free and took the lost angel to New York City.

There, Star-Lord gave Angela a communicator, urging her to contact them should the need arise. Since their fight-filled first encounter, Angela has become one of the Guardians’ few kinda-trusted allies. The team’s used her imperceptible nature to throw enemy ships off guard, priming them for attack. If Angela’s homesick, she’s keeping it to herself – and letting her fists do the talking.

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