Who’s That Shokotan? Shoko Nakagawa Shows Off “Pokémon” Impressions

A while back, we talked about Shoko Nakagawa and Hyadain’s Pokémon-based variety show, Shall We Gather at the Pokémon House (with the shortened title of Pokenchi). The show, which also stars comedian Abareru-kun and model Rinka Otani, has been going strong since its premiere, with the team traveling around the country in the wake of Sun and Moon to trade Pokémon with fellow fans.


Of late, the show’s theme song — a pun-laden intro to the show’s presenters and the many creatures of the franchise — has been making the rounds on the Internet. If you haven’t seen it, check it out:



In particular, fans have been taking note of Shokotan’s flawless(?) impressions of Luvdisc


and Sigilyph, among others.


So far, Pokenchi has been going well, with the team doing skits, comedy, and keeping fans up to date with the latest news.


Source: Otakomu




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