Welcome to the Cosplay Party!

FanimeCon is here and so are you! It’s Thursday and you are all set for the weekend except for one teeny tiny detail: your cosplay isn’t ready. Uh oh… well, never fear our Cosplay Gatherings staff has your back with our first ever Procrastination Party!

Whether you forgot an accessory at home, left a prop on a plane, or just plain old procrastinated on getting that final piece done, we’ve all been there. If you have a cosplay you haven’t quite finished yet, for whatever reason, you can join fellow procrastinators at the Cosplay Hangout to complete all of those last-minute details!

The Procrastination Party will take place Thursday from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm in the Cosplay Hangout, located in room 210A of the SJCC.