Weekly Shonen Jump Live Event!

***Lives video will be available on Facebook and Youtube!***

Five years ago we launched the digital Weekly Shonen Jump. It was a major change going from paper and a monthly format to digital and weekly, but we managed to pull it off and publish simultaneously with Japan’s Shonen Jump. And now we’re on our fifth year and going strong! So join us for our first livestream event!

Here’s what to expect!

• Memories! TEAM JUMP will take a look back at the last five years and fondly reminisce.

• Major Announcements! We’ll be breaking the news on some big events coming in the next year!

• Special Guests! These announcements are so big we need special guests to help us talk about them!

• Prizes! In case you start to zone out, we’ll be bribing you to pay attention with live contests!

• Questions and Answers! Wanna ask us embarrassing stuff? We’ll be talking with fans through Twitter and Facebook!

• Trailers! In case you get bored of looking at us, we’ll have the latest trailers from SJ anime and video games!

• Jokes! Some might be funny, some might not. There’s only one way to find out…watch the show!

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