Watch Voice Actress Yui Ogura’s Graduation-themed New MV “Shiroku Saku Hana”

The official YouTube channel for 22-year-old anime voice actress Yui Ogura has posted a three-minute music video for her upcoming 8th solo single song “Shiroku Saku Hana” (Flower Blooming White). The theme for it and other two songs in her latest CD: “Zutto Futari de” (Forever with You) and “Kakegae no Nai Shunkan” (The Irreplaceable Moment) is “graduation,” and for the first time in her career, she wrote the lyrics for “Kakegae.” The three-song CD is scheduled to be released on March 14. 


As an anime voice actress, she is now playing her biggest role in her career, Homare Kagayaki/Cure Étoile in the 15th PreCure TV series Hugtto! PreCure, and performs its ED song “Hugtto! Future✩Dreamer” alongside Rie Hikisaka (Hana Nono/Cure Yell) and Rina Hon’izumi (Saaya Yakushiji/Cure Ange).


“Shiroku Saku Hana” MV


Time-limited edition CD jacket


Regular edition




Source: Yui Ogura official website


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