Watch Voice Actress Unit every♡ing! Last Single Music Video “Egao de Thank You!”

The official website for two-member anime voice actress unit every♡ing!, consisting of Ibuki Kido and Erii Yamazaki, has posted CD jacket images and a three-minute music video for their upcoming last 4th single song “Egao de Thank You!” (Thank You with Smile!) to be released on September 6.


The unit was formed by Ibuki and Yamazaki in June 2014 when both were 16 years old, then released a “trial edition” single “Yumeiro Gakuin Kouka” (Yumeiro Academy School Song) in the following October. They originally planned to end their unit activities when they graduate from high school, but thanks to passionate support from their fans, it has been extended two more years till they become 20. Both were born in November 1997 (Kido on 14, Yamazaki on 20), and will become 20 in the coming November.


Following the last single, their last concert “every♥ing! Final Fantasia-Show 2017 ~Lesson3~

To The Shinning Future~” is scheduled to be held at Nakano SunPlaza in Tokyo on November 26.

Advance sale the 5,800 yen tickets to the fan club members will begin on August 17.



Ibuki Kido is best known as Akiko Himenokouji in OniAni (2012), Yume Hasegawa in pupa (2014),

Sakuya Shikazu in ISUCA (2015), Chisame Nakano in Bakuon! (2016), and Megumi Jinno in Eromanga

Sensei (2017). Erii Yamazaki’s debut role was Moe Morita in Samurai Flamenco (2013), and has

played Kana in Durararax2 (2015), Yuki Miyamura in Ooya-san wa Shishunki! (2016), and Mikan

Kise in Action Heroine Cheer Fruits (2017).


“Egao de Thank You!” MV


First press limited edition CD jacket


Regular edition


Source: every♡ing! official website