Watch Mecha Action-Featured Trailer for “Full Metal Panic! Director’s Cut” Part 3

Following the first part “Boy Meets Girl” (November 25, 2017) and the second “One Night Stand” (January 13, 2018), “Into The Blue,” the third and final part of the “director’s cut” trilogy compilation film project based on the first Full Metal Panic! TV anime aired in 2002, is ready to hit Japanese theaters this Saturday, January 20.


The anime franchise’s official website has released a 90-second trailer for it introducing its theme song “Kimi wa Tomodachi Ichiban no Koi ~way to love you~” (You are my friend, The best love, ~way to love you~) performed by Japanese singer-songwriter Tamaru Yamada. She provided “Every Magic” for the first part and “Two of us” for the second. 




As with the first one, the second part was originally scheduled to be screened for a limited time of one

week in Kadokawa Cinema Shunjuku (Tokyo), Tachikawa Cinema City (Tokyo), and Umeda Barg 7 (Osaka).

Thanks to the supports by the fans, the screenings in Tokyo and Osaka have been extended for one more

week till January 26. So moviegoers will be able to enjoy both the second and third film together.



The First Section “Boy Meets Girl” (November 25, 2017)


The Second Section “One Night Stand” (January 13, 2018) 


The Third Section “Into The Blue” (January 20, 2018)


Source: “Full Metal Panic!” anime official website, Twitter


©Shoji Gatoh, Shikidouji/KADOKAWA/FMP!4