Watch Azusa Tadokoro Performs TV Anime “TRICKSTER” 2nd OP Song

Following her 4th single “1HOPE SNIPER” used as the 1st ED song, 23-year-old voice actress/singer Azusa Tadokoro‘s next 5th solo single song “Unmei Dilemma” (Destiny Dilemma) will be featured as the second OP song for the ongoing TV anime TRICKSTER. “1HOPE SNIPER” was released on October 3 and ranked 52nd in the Oricon weekly single chart. 


“Unmei  Dilelenma” is written/composed byTomoya Tabuchi (UNISON SQUARE GARDEN bassist), who has also worked with LiSA, sphere, Yuki Kaji, and Maaya Uchida. The CD single will be released in two editions on January 25, 2017, and its first press limited edition comes with an entry paper for her upcoming “Azusa Tadokoro LIVE 2017~DilEMmA~” tour that will run through eight cities across Japan from April 9 to May 4.



5th single “Unmei Dilemma” short MV


Artist edition CD jacket


Anime edition



4th single “1HOPE SNIPER” short MV


Source: Azusa Tadokoro official website


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