Watch angela x fripSide Perform “Ajin” TV Anime 2nd Cour New OP Song

Following the first OP song “Boku wa Boku de atte” (Because I am me) released on October 19, NBCUniversal Music Japan’s official YouTube channel has posted a two-minute version music video for “The end of escape,” the second OP song for the second cour of the Ajin TV anime, that has been featured since its 20th episode.


This is the second collaboration work for Satoshi Yaginuma-produced unit fripSide and two-member unit angela. Their new collaboration CD single under the name of “fripSide×angela” is produced by Yaginuma and will be released on December 7.



“The end of escape” short MV


15-second CM


First press limited edition


Regular edition





“Boku wa Boku de atte” short MV


15-second CM


Time-limited edition CD jacket


Regular edition



Source: angela x fripSide special website


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