Wage Armor Wars in ‘Marvel Mighty Heroes’

Take a tour of a buzzing metropolis filled with armor-clad denizens and deadly diseases this week in DeNA’s “Marvel Mighty Heroes.” DeNA Senior Producer John King dropped by to breakdown Thanos’ shattered reality and what it means for players.

Marvel.com: Can you tell us a little about the shard of reality we’re fighting on this time? Set the stage for us if you would.

John King: We are in the land of Technopolis, where armor reigns supreme and is necessary for survival. 

Marvel.com: So everyone is flying around in suits of armor here? Will we be facing robotic drones in our missions, or actual armored-up assassins?

John King: Players will be facing both of those in Technopolis! Iron Men run rampant here and will protect it from any outside forces—including the players.

Marvel.com: And who’s shaking up Thanos’ domain this time? Because there’s no way our heroes are going peacefully into the night.

John King: Your friendly neighborhood Space Knight Venom, of course! Questions arise when Venom shows up in town. Fortunately, Technopolis has its own Thor in War Machine.

Marvel.com: What can you tell us about Space Knight Venom? He’s not your standard symbiote anymore, right?

John King: The Venom in this shard likes to use guns since this is Flash Thompson that we’re talking about! Unlike Eddie Brock or Mac Gargan, he has training and discipline. Add taint-free symbiote and Space Knight to that resume and you have one of the toughest Symbiotes around. 

Marvel.com: Who do you think wins in this battle, War Machine or Venom?

John King: Ok, since we are talking about Thor-powered War Machine, and since Space Knight Venom has access to the Klyntar that has been cleansed of all the things that made it bad, I’m going to go with Venom. As far as the story goes, you will have to play and see.

Marvel.com: And what about our featured event characters? 

John King: As I mentioned, War Machine is imbued with the power of Thor, and he is able to use his hammer in a devastating smash. You also have the Mark 3 version of Iron Man and Hulkbuster backing you up!

Marvel.com:  When do we get to travel to Technopolis?

John King: Your tour of Technopolis begins right now; just remember to bring your passport, belongings and super advanced armor to keep the highly-contagious diseases at bay.

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