Voice Actresses Learn Ancient Japanese Martial Arts for “Armed Girl’s Machiavellism” DVD/Blu-ray Bonus Content

The 1st DVD/Blu-ray volume of the TV anime adaptation of Yuuya Kurokami (story) and Karuna Kanzaki (art)’s school battle action manga Busou Shoujo Machiavellism/Armed Girl’s Machiavellism is set for release on June 28, and its limited edition includes an experience report of ancient Japanese martial arts by two voice actresses of the anime, Yuuki Takada (Rin Onigawara) and Eriko Matsui (Kirukiru Amou), as a bonus footage. Both of their characters are experts of martial arts in the story, but it seems that it was their first time to experience real ones. 



CM for the 1st volume


1st volume jacket illustration newly drawn by the anime character designer Shoko Takimoto



TV anime key visual



Source: TV anime “Armed Girl’s Machiavellism” official website