Voice Actor Takuya Eguchi Fails to Draw a Giraffe

In a recent video promoting Wacom’s Intuos Comic USB graphics tablet, voice actor Takuya Eguchi sat down with shōjo manga author Rio Kimido and attempted to demonstrate his drawing skills…with disastrous results. The video is sponsored by Shogakukan’s Shōjo Comic manga magazine.



In the video, while Kimido humors him, Eguchi boldly asserts that people’s hearts won’t be moved by normal giraffe colors and insists that his final design is cute enough to print on a line of T-shirts. Despite the end results, it’s a valiant effort from the man who voices Nero in 91 Days and Takeo Gouda in MY love STORY!!.



Don’t quit your day job, Eguchi-san.


Source: Net Lab


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