VIDEO: “Yakuza: Kiwami” Trailer Shows Off Majima Goro

Sega’s Yakuza: Kiwami has finally received a trailer, featuring Goro Majima. It’s a five-minute clip that details the “Anywhere Majima” system that allows Kazuma Kiryu to fight Majima Goro wherever he pleases.


For the uninitiated, Yakuza: Kiwami is a ground-up remake of the original Yakuza game, with new combat abilities, minigames, and other special features to excite fans who may have missed the game the first time around. It’s definitely worth picking up, especially for this new feature.


It’s releasing for both PS3 and PS4 in January in Japan, and it’ll be coming with a download code for the Yakuza 6 demo.



[via Gematsu]


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