VIDEO: Voice Actress Ayana Taketatsu Reveals National Anthem for Her Principality

The official website for 28-year-old anime voice actress Ayana Taketatsu posted a short version music video for “apple*colorful*princess,” a newly-recorded song to be included in her upcoming best album “apple feuille.” The song is featured as the “national anthem” for her official mobile fan club “Ayana Principality.” In a similar concept with Yukari Tamura’s “Yukari Kingdom” that treats her as its princess, Pony Canyon launched it on April 11, 2017. 


In addition to the new song introducing Princess Ayana, “apple feuille” also includes the 14 songs chosen by the fans’ online votes held between June and August, from the 14th popular song “Onpu no Kuni no Alice” to the most popular “Rice To Meat You.” The 15-song album is scheduled to be released in three editions on November 29.


“apple*colorful*princess” short MV


CD+Blu-ray edition


CD+DVD edition


CD-only edition


Song list:

1.”Onpu no Kuni no Alice” (14th)

2.”Miss. Revolutionist” (13th)

3. “Wonderful World” (12th)

4. “Jikuu Tours” (11th)

5. “Yumeiro Soleil” (10th)

6. “Lucky Tune” (9th)

7. “Kajirikake no Ringo” (8th)

8. “Little*Lion*Heart” (7th)

9. “CANDY LOVE” (6th)

10. “Shumatsu Cinderella” (5th)

11. “Sinfonia! Sinfonia!!!” (4th)

12. “HIKARI” (3rd)

13. “Hey! Calorie Queen” (2nd)

14. “Rice to Meat You” (1st)

15. “apple*colorful*princess”



Source: Ayana Taketatsu official website