VIDEO: Toonami Plans Halloween “Akame Ka Kill!” Marathon

With Halloween coming up this Saturday, Toonami has scheduled a treat for anime fans who aren’t out tricking. It’s not just a marathon of Akame Ga Kill!, it’s an extra-lengthened marathon thanks to daylight saving.


The schedule includes

12:00am – Akame Ga Kill! #3

12:30am – Akame Ga Kill! #4

1:00am -Akame Ga Kill! #5

1:30am – Akame Ga Kill! #6

2:00am – Akame Ga Kill! #7

2:30am – Akame Ga Kill! #8

2:00am – (Daylight Saving Bonus Hour) Akame Ga Kill! #9

2:30am – (Daylight Saving Bonus Hour) Akame Ga Kill! #10

3:00am – Akame Ga Kill! #11



via CabooseJr and Toonami




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