VIDEO: Preview for “High☆Speed! – Free! Starting Days -” Theme Song Performed by OLDCODEX

The official website for two-member unit OLDCODEX today posted a 30-second preview for their 12th single “Aching Horns,” which will be featured as the theme song for Kyoto Animation’s upcoming film High☆Speed! – Free! Starting Days –.


The unit previously provided the OP theme songs for the two Free! TV anime series, 7th single “Rage on” for the 1st season in 2013 and 9th “Dried Up Youthful Fame” for the 2nd in 2014. Tatsuhisa Suzuki, the vocalist of the unit, will reprise his role as Makoto Tachibana in the film as well. The 12th single will be available in three editions on December 16, simultaneously with the film’s soundtrack album composed by Tatsuya Kato.



“Aching Horns” preview



First press limited edition CD jacket



Regular edition



Anime edition



Latest artist photo



Full trailer featuring the theme song


Source: OLDCODEX official website



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