VIDEO: “Peeping Eye” Dispatch Video Teases Spooky Suspense



Crunchyroll previously reported about how former AKB48 member Tomomi Itano is starring in Nozoki Me (“Peeping Eye”), a supernatural thriller scheduled to be released in 2016. Now a new dispatch video has provided additional information about the production, including news about the film’s cast, crew, and release date.



The video begins by interviewing people on the street, asking them if they’ve ever experienced the feeling that they were being watched, before concluding with a brief clip of footage from Peeping Eye.



In Peeping Eye, Tomomi Itano plays an assistant director at a TV station who investigates the mysterious death of a young man who claimed that he was being watched. In addition to Itano, the film also stars Shunya Shiraishi, Mari Iriki, and Kotaro Ishida.

Peeping Eye is directed by Koichiro Miki and based on the novel of the same name by Shinzo Mitsuda. The film hits Japanese theaters on April 02, 2016.



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