VIDEO: “Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku o!” Trailer Announces Cast



Crunchyroll previously reported on how the Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku o! (“Give Blessings to this Wonderful World!”) series of light novels by Natsume Akatsuki are being adapted into a TV anime. Now the main cast and their voice actors have been announced for the series.


The cast includes:



Jun Fukushima as Kazuma.


Sora Amamiya as Aqua.



Rie Takahashi as Megumin.



Ai Kayano as Darkness.



Sayuri Hara as Luna.


And Tetsu Inada as Ruffian.



Note that the TV anime cast is different from the voice cast used earlier for the Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku o! drama CD. Also announced was that the ending theme, entitled “Chisai na Boukensha” (“Little Adventurers”) will be performed by Sora Amamiya, Rie Takahashi, and Ai Kayano in-character as Aqua, Megumin, and Darkness.


Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku o! is directed by Takaomi Kanasaki and features animation by Studio Deen. The story involves an unlikely shut-in protagonist transported to a magical, fantasy world. It is scheduled to begin its broadcast in Japan in January of 2016.


Source: MoCa


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