VIDEO: “Honey Rose: Underdog Fighter Extraordinaire” Gets Its First Trailer

There’s a visual novel about none other than wrestling on the horizon, and the first trailer depicting how it’ll play out has finally been released. It’s called Honey Rose: Underdog Fighter Extraordinaire, and it’s in development by Pierre Sylvain.


This particular VN follows a student who’s graduating from school, but must juggle her several responsibilities like wrestling matches and other classes. Of course, much of the wrestling bits in the game are most concerned with what kind of a show you can put on with Honey Rose. It’s got the trappings of a traditional anime-inspired visual novel, but it’s got that definite quirk factor about it.


The game is slated for a PC release in 2016, but you can check out the trailer below if you’re champing at the bit for a taste.



[via Siliconera]


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