VIDEO: “High☆Speed! – Free! Starting Days -” 5th Special PV Featuring Natsuya

Following the four first graders: Haruka, Makoto, Asahi, and Ikuya, the official website for Kyoto Animation’s upcoming film High☆Speed! – Free! Starting Days – has also posted a 25-second fifth special character PV featuring Natsuya Kirishima, the president of the Iwatobi Junior High’s swimming club. The character, voiced by Kenji Nojima, is a third grade student and the older brother of Ikuya. 


1,500-yen limited advance tickets with a B2-size poster featuring the recently-released third main visual will be offered at the Pony Canyon booth in the Animate Girls Festival 2015 event. The annual event for female anime fans will be held at various venues in the Ikebukuro town on November 7 and 8.



Special PV vol.5 



Third main visual



Full trailer



Special PV vol.4



Special PV vol.3



Special PV vol. 2



Special PV vol.1 



Main voice cast:

 Haruka Nanase: Nobunaga Shimazaki

 Makoto Tachibana: Tatsuhisa Suzuki

 Asahi Shiina: Toshiyuki Toyonaga (Mikado Ryugamine in Durarara!!)

 Ikuya Kirishima: Kouki Uchiyama (Banagher Links in Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn)

 Natsuya Kirishima: Kenji Nojima (Nobuchika Ginoza in Psycho-Pass)

 Nao Serizawa: Satoshi Hino (Shut in Go! Princess PreCure



 Source: “High☆Speed! – Free! Starting Days -” official website 


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