VIDEO: “High☆Speed! – Free! Starting Days -” 4th Special PV Featuring Ikuya

Following Nanase Haruka, Makoto Tachibana and Asahi Shiina, the official website for Kyoto Animation’s upcoming film High☆Speed! – Free! Starting Days – has also posted a 25-second fourth special character PV featuring Ikuya Kirishima voiced by Kouki Uchiyama. He is a first grade student at Iwatobi Junior High School, and a younger brother of Natsuya Kirishima voiced by Kenji Nojima. The film will open on 117 screens across Japan on December 5, 2015.



Special PV vol.4



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Special PV vol.3



Special PV vol. 2



Special PV vol.1 



Main visual


Main voice cast:

 Haruka Nanase: Nobunaga Shimazaki

 Makoto Tachibana: Tatsuhisa Suzuki

 Asahi Shiina: Toshiyuki Toyonaga (Mikado Ryugamine in Durarara!!)

 Ikuya Kirishima: Kouki Uchiyama (Banagher Links in Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn)

 Natsuya Kirishima: Kenji Nojima (Nobuchika Ginoza in Psycho-Pass)

 Nao Serizawa: Satoshi Hino (Shut in Go! Princess PreCure



 Source: “High☆Speed! – Free! Starting Days -” official website 


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