VIDEO: “Hacka Doll the Animation” OP and ED Song MVs Performed by Three Main VAs

Avex has posted two short version music videos for “Touch Tap Baby” and “Happy Days Refrain,” the OP and ED theme songs for the ongoing TV anime Hackadoll the Animation. Both are performed by the voice actress unit “Hackadoll” formed by its three main VAs: Miyu Takagi (Hacka Doll #1), Kaya Okuno (#2) and Nanami Yamashita (#3). The three are also members of the voice-actress unit “Wake Up, Girls!” and have voiced their characters in the franchise. The CD singles of the songs will be released separately on November 25.


HackaDoll the Animation now broadcasts on Crunchyroll every Friday at 8:30am Pacific Time, and is be available to the members worldwide except for Asia.



OP song “Touch Tap Baby” short MV



ED song “Happy Days Refrain” short MV 



“HackaDoll the Animation” Main Visual


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