VIDEO: “Four Rhythm Across the Blue” Takes to the Skies in New Trailer



A new trailer is now available online for Four Rhythm Across the Blue, a TV anime adaptation based on the visual novel of the same name by Sprite. The official website for the series has also announced additional cast members and their voice actors. The new line-up includes:



Ryōta Ōsaka as Masaya Hinata, the male lead of the show. Masaya was a promising “Flying Circus” player who abandoned the sport after suffering a humiliating defeat. 



Naomi Wakabayashi as Madoka Aoyagi. Sister of Shion and classmate of Asuka Kurashina, the female lead. Madoka serves as the manager of the “Flying Circus” club.



Takayuki Kondō as Shion Aoyagi, the head of the “Flying Circus” club. Shion is passionate about the sport and has a “fired up” personality.



Risa Taneda as Reiko Sato-in, the vice president of the “Flying Circus” club. Reiko projects a high-handed demeanor.



Kazuyuki Okitsu as Kazunari Shindo, the winner of the previous “Flying Circus” tournament. Known as the “Absolute Champion”, Kazunari is a skilled player who sometimes demonstrates an obsession with Masaya.



Megumi Ogata as Aoi Kagami, a former “Flying Circus” player and teaching advisor to the “Flying Circus” club. Masaya is Aoi’s former student.



Yuko Gibu will also be reprising her role as Minori Hosaka (not pictured) from the Four Rhythm Across the Blue PS Vita game. Additionally, the opening and ending themes for the series have been announced: the opening theme, entitled “Contrail ~ Kiseki ~”, will be performed by Mami Kawada, while the ending theme, entitled “a-gain”, will be performed by Ray.



Four Rhythm Across the Blue is directed by Fumitoshi Oizaki and features animation by Gonzo. The story takes place in a world where personal flight is as common as riding a bicycle, and it deals with the protagonist, Masaya Hinata, mounting a comeback in the aerial sport known as “Flying Circus”.


Four Rhythm Across the Blue will premiere on TV Tokyo in January of 2016.




Official Four Rhythm Across the Blue TV anime web site


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