VIDEO: “Dance with Devils” Stage Musical Adaptation Set for March 2016

The official website for a stage musical adaptation of the ongoing original musical TV anime Dance with Devils is opened today with its first CM introducing the main cast in costume. The adaptation will be performed 14 times at AiiA 2.5 Theater Tokyo from March 3 to 13 in 2016. Advance entry for the tickets (10,000 yen for premium seats with bonus items, 6,800 yen for genearlk seats) will be accepted on the site from 00:00 on December 24 (JST). 


36-year-old Kaori Miura attaches to write and direct. She previously worked an stage play adaptations of Saiyuki, Hakkenden and Hanasakeru Seishonen. Also as an anime voice actress, she played Flat in the Onegai My Melody series (2005-2009) and Michael Sato in Sugar Sugar Rune (2005). 



Main cast: 


 Rem Kaginuki: Keisuke Kaminaga (Seiichi Yukimura in The Prince of Tennis Musical)

 Lindo Tachibana: Jin Hiramaki (Tokatti/ToQ 2gou in Ressha Sentai ToQger)

 Urie Sogami: Tsubasa Sakiyama (Ishikirimaru in Musical Touken Ranbu)

 Mage Nanashiro: Yu Yoshioka (Hiroshi Chinen in The Prince of Tennis Musical)

 Shiki Natsumezaka: Junpei Yasukawa (Bunta Marui in The Prince of Tennis Musical)

 Loewen: Taiki Naito (Jiro Akutagawa in The Prince of Tennis Musical)



Main Visual






Source: “Dance with Devils” musical official website via: Oricon Style


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