VIDEO: CM Collection for “Girls und Panzer” Film Featuring Pro-Wrestler Masahiro Chono

Bandai Visual today posted a five-CM compilation video for the currently-showing all-new feature film Girls und Panzer der Film featuring 52-year-old Japanese pro-wrestler Masahiro Chono, who has been appointed as an official “support ambassador” for the film.


He started his professional career in New Japan Pro Wrestling, and was known as the leader of the New World Order Japan. He also recently sang “Chojyusenshakyu Oujya Mouse” (Super Heavy Weight Tank Class Champion Mouse), one of the five songs in the album “TANSON: Tank Song Mini Album,” which dedicated to the five famous WWII tanks featured in the Girls und Panzer anime.





CM collection



 “Chojyusenshakyu Oujya Mouse” (Super Heavy Weight Tank Class Champion Mouse)




via: “Girls uns Panzer” official Twitter


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