VIDEO: “Attack on Titan Part 2: Wings of Liberty” Japanese Bluray Includes Bonus TV Episode in Kansai Dialect



The upcoming Japanese Bluray release of the Attack on Titan Part 2: The Wings of Liberty, the 2nd compilation film for the 2013 Attack on Titan TV series, will include a humorous special feature: the 1st episode of the TV series with all of the dialog re-recorded in Kansai dialect.



This special features marks the 2nd time Attack on Titan has flirted with Kansai dialect. Back in March of 2015, the official Japanese website offered an online version of the 1st volume of the Attack on Titan manga translated into Kansai dialect as a joke.


Attack on Titan Part 2: The Wings of Liberty hits Japanese home video on Bluray and DVD on December 16, 2015.


Source: My Game News Flash


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