Vanesa R. Del Rey

Vanesa R. Del Rey is an artist and animator, best known for her work on Scarlet Witch, Constantine: The Hellblazer, Daredevil, The Empty Man, Hit, Hit: 1957, Hit: Pen & Ink, Spider-Women, Creepy, Zero, Wolverine and The X-Men, Once upon a Time: Out of the Past, All-New Wolverine, Armor Wars, Black Widow, The Eighth Seal, Deadly Class, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, The Punisher, and Secret Wars Journal.


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Vanesa will be appearing Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at Booth # TBA.

autographsVanesa does not charge for autographs.


Vanesa R. Del Rey is accepting orders for pre-show commissions for pick up at the show! Email for details.

Vanesa’s schedule will be posted here approximately two weeks before the event.

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