Review: Vampirella #1 (Collins) Writer: Nancy Collins, Pencils: Patrick Berkenkotter,Inks: Dennis Chrisotomo,Colors: Jorge Sutil,Letterer: Rob Steen,Cover: Terry Dodson,Publisher: Dynamite EntertainmentPrice: $3.99Release Date: June 4, 2014Vampirella gets a new start and a new #1 as this veteran character shows she can still star in one hell of a yarn.With horror writer Nancy Collins at the helm, this is a particularly strong issue for everyone’s favorite dark mistress. There has been a kidnapping and Vampirella has been called in by the Vatican itself to investigate. All she has to hear is that Ethan Shroud is someone connected and off we go!I was expecting a bit more of a horror vent in this one, but what Collins spins out instead is a bone-chilling detective novelette, complete with mysteries, victims and red herrings. And while we do get a bit of the mystic here, Vampirella’s strong suit as a dark detective really comes through.And a cliffhanger that makes NOT wanting to read issue #2 impossible!All in all, one of the strongest beginnings for Vampirella in her long, long history.