Valentine’s Day Themed “Persona 5: The Animation” Event Features Morgana And Free Chocolate!

To celebrate the forthcoming premiere of Persona 5: The Animation in April, Animate stores in Shibuya and Osaka will be holding a special Valentine’s Day themed event next week where chocolate-filled marshmallows will be given away to attendees at both locations, while Morgana the cat will make an appearance exclusively at the Shibuya location.

 P5A event

Presumably due to the chaos caused by a giveaway event featuring Pop Team Epic weeks earlier, Animate is stressing a limit of one piece of chocolate per attendee, and asking attendees to not loiter in the store and leave immediately once they receive their chocolate. Animate will also consider shutting down the event immediately once the last pieces of chocolate are given away, as well as canceling the event if the volume of attendees exceeds the amount of giveaway product available.


via Persona 5 The Animation Official Site

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