Unleash…The Gwensters!

And now for something completely different! As skyscraper-sized Gwen Stacys rampage across the Marvel Universe – who will save us?! Marvel is pleased to unleash the Gwensters with eight new GWENSTERS UNLEASHED variants. Yes – seriously! Celebrating the release of the highly anticipated MONSTERS UNLEASHED series, look for these exciting variants coming to the Monsters Unleashed tie-in one-shots throughout January, February and March!

Marvel at the might of the terrible GOOGWEN! Cower in fear under the awesome terror that is GWENSTEROSO! Never before has there been a menace such as GWENGO the unconquerable! Look for these GWENSTERS UNLEASHED VARIANTS coming to these books in the month of February:

1.       DOCTOR STRANGE #1.MU GWENSTERS UNLEASHED Variant by Brian Kesinger
2.       CHAMPIONS #1.MU GWENSTERS UNLEASHED Variant by Dave Johnson
3.       UNCANNY INHUMANS #1.MU GWENSTERS UNLEASHED Variant by Gustavo Duarte
4.       ALL-NEW X-MEN #1.MU GWENSTERS UNLEASHED Variant by Richard Isanove 

But that’s not all! Be on the lookout for more GWENSTERS UNLEASHED variants coming to January’s SPIDER-MAN/DEADPOOL #1.MU, AVENGERS #1.MU and future .MU one-shots in the month of March!