Universal Studios Japan to Add “Detective Conan” Attraction Next Year

Following the previously reported five attractions, Universal Studios Japan has announced that “Detective Conan: The Escape,” a real escape game inspired by Gosho Aoyama’s mystery manga series, is added to the lineup for this winter’s “Universal Cool Japan 2017.” The time-limited event has already listed Evangelion XR Ride,” “Attack on Titan: The Real 4D 2,” “Godzilla The Real 4D,” “Monster Hunter The Real,” and “Sengoku: The Real at Osaka Castle.” 


In the “Detective Conan: The Escape,” with cooperation of the franchise’s popular characters, Conan Edogawa and Heiji Hattori, players will have to search the surrounding area for clues in order to stop the time bomb planted by an evil crime organization. The attraction will also offer a live show featuring the characters and their stunt performance. 



“Universal Cool Japan 2017” main visual



“Detective Conan: The Escape” (January 13 – May 28, 2017)



“Evangelion XR Ride” (January 13 – June 25)



“Attack on Titan: The Real 4D 2” (January 13 – June 25)



“Godzilla The Real 4D” (January 13 – June 25) 



“Monster Hunter The Real” (January 13 – June 25)



“Sengoku: The Real at Osaka Castle” (December 16, 2016 – March 12, 2017)



“Universal Cool Japan 2017” map



Source: Universal Studios Japan press release


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